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Individual Health Plan Options Harris & Montgomery County

Learn more about Individual health Insurance plan benefits and coverage options available to you from Alyssa Macaluso - Medicare & Health insurance Independent Agent.
There are 42 Health Insurance ACA Marketplace Plans available in Harris county Texas from 6 health insurance providers . There are 3 Catastrophic plans that emphasize coverage for hospitalization or serious illness. 12 Bronze Plans that cover 60% of expenses, 14 Silver Plans that cover 70% of expenses, 12 Gold Plans that cover 80% of coverage and 1 Platinum with the highest coverage at 90%. The lowest premium offered for an adult individual Age 27 in Harris county is $131.75 and the highest is $324.38. ACA health plans are standardized according to Federal law and include the ten minmum essential (MEC) coverages they are guaranteed issue without a subsidy they're expensive.
Annual Open Enrollment official Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace for Individual Health Insuance Plans. The dates are November 1st to December 15th. If you are looking for other options besides the ACA marketplace health plans, or if you are losing your Cobra plan coverage. Click here for more options and a health insurance quote.
There are better coverage & lower cost, affordable health insurance options. That's why you need an independent health insurance agent!
I'm pleasantly surprised by the affordability, coverage, and level of benefits of my favorite individual health insurance plan. I personal have this individual health insurance plan, myself! It's 1/3 the cost on average of most individual health insurance in the marketplace.
This health plan is comprehensive coverage including preventative, emergency room, urgent care, physician visits, and prescription benefits, & hospital coverage and more. It has seven of the 10 minimum essential coverages. It's not guaranteed issue; there are health questions on the application. There are also pre-existing exclusions. BUT... It's worth looking into this affordable PPO individual health insurance plan. It's friendly Insurance, friendly Rates, and will bring you a friendly Smile! It's an affordable health insurance option that works for most people.

Alyssa Macaluso - Medicare & Health Insurance Independent Agent serving the Houston area, including The Woodlands and Tomball, TX. can guide you to the maze of healthcare options. Alyssa Macaluso - Medicare & Health Insurance Independent Agent is making your healthcare needs and concerns our top priority.

Prevent Medical Bankruptcy. Paying for out of pocket expenses, high deductibles and co-insurance costs are enough to sent you to bankruptcy when faced with a catastrophic health event.

Supplemental Insurance are plans that pay cash benefits to help you pay out of pocket expenses in the case of a medical event.

Quotes for Group Health Insurance Houston Small Business Service. Affordable Group health insurance plans often have a better value and lower rates since it's based upon the group. Most Employees still want health insurance coverage at their workplace. If you are an Employer and are interested in a free Consultation and a Group Quote click here