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The Medicare Parts.

Four primary types of Medicare coverage.

  • Medicare Part A – is coverage that is referred to as the hospital insurance coverage Medicare. It covers services such as inpatient hospital stays, hospice care, nursing facility are and some types of home healthcare.

  • Medicare Part B – is coverage that is known as the medical insurance coverage Medicare. This covers doctors’ services, medical supplies, outpatient care and preventive services.

  • Medicare Part C - are Medicare Advantage plans (MAPD) offered by private companies that have contracted with Medicare to provide individuals with all of their Medicare Part A and Part B benefits. Types of organizations that cover Medicare Advantage plans include (PPO) preferred provider organizations, (PFFS)private fee-for-service plans and (HMO)health maintenance organizations.

  • Medicare Part D – is a Prescription drug plan.

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More about the Parts...

Medicare PART A- Hospital coverage. The deductible for each benefit period is $1,408 in 2021 Medicare Part B - Medical coverage including Physician visits. The annual deductible is $198 for 2021. Medicare Part C - Medicare Advantage Plans. Private insurance companies health plans that covers Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B benefits and often times more including dental and vision. Medicare Part D - Prescription drug coverage. MAPD are Medicare Advantage Plans with prescription drug coverage. Medicare Supplement Plans do not have Part D included. You must get a separate stand alone Prescription drug plan.